Fit, Comfort and Value

We at TTGroup have spent years developing and refining our footwear line.

Our products stand on their own two feet based on a simple philosophy that applies to

all our brands and all of our offerings. They look good. They fit well. And they are

always good value for the money.


Many of our styles are offered in multiple widths and sizes. Many of our tall boot styles come

in regular sized calf as well as extra wide fit calf. Every style we produce goes through extensive fit testing and fine tuning by our in-house footwear technician. We do everything we can to make sure that when your customer tries on our footwear, it fits.


A large part of our design concept and development is geared towards in making our footwear comfortable. That may be our unique footbed systems, or careful placement of zippers and gores, or choice of materials and construction techniques. We are dedicated to making the most comfortable, long wearing footwear possible.


Our footwear says “good value”. We go that extra mile with detailing and features

to make sure it is priced right. We have built our reputation on it.

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