For Over 70 Years We Have Had One Goal...Comfortable Footwear

TTGroup is a Canadian owned company that was founded in the 1940s by Earl Lyons,

a vibrant entrepreneur, risk taker, and ideas man.


The Tender Tootsies story begins at the end of WWII, when the soldiers were returning home.

Over the course of the war, soldiers had grown tired of their drab army fatigues and Earl began

producing and selling argyle socks to these soldiers.


Eventually the company evolved beyond socks to include slippers, shoes and boots.

Some of the early products launched included: Happy Hoppers, Pussy Paws and Fabulous Fold-Ups.


In 1989, we joined forces with the Clinic Shoe Company - another company

with a long history and a shared value of COMFORT (they were established in 1913!). Together we continue to bring our

brand of comfort in our Shoes, Boots and Slippers to the USA and Canada.



2018 brought another addition to the TTGroup of footwear products. Martino, a well respected and successful footwear

professionals from Quebec Canada joined the family, adding an impressive line of great looking,

made in Canada boots, shoes and slipper.




T T Group Today...

An employee owned Canadian company with 200 employees

Canada’s largest footwear supplier, selling over 2.25 million pairs per year in Canada alone

Boots, Shoes, Sandals and Slippers for all genders

Head office in London, Canada. Offices and Factory in Quebec, Canada and Offices in Aurora, Missouri USA



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